Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you enjoyed the journey.

My name is Aaron Asch and this site is dedicated to my love of Fine Art Photography, Introspective Illustration,

and Digital Expression. If you enjoy what I do and would like to Become Art, or Commission me for a project,

feel free to reach out. I love fun and challenging ideas.

The Photography

   I have always had a deep love and obsession with photography. The ability to

instantaneously capture a moment in time forever fascinates me. I have been shooting

for almost 30 years and I am well versed with many types of photography from Nature

and Landscapes, to Architecture and Commercial, to everything in between. With this

site I have chosen to concentrate on my exploration into the human form and imagination.

Since man first began scratching and painting on the walls of caves he has sought to

express his imagination. Most anywhere you find art you will see numerous examples of

creativity inspired by the beauty of the human form. I wish to further celebrate this through

traditional photography and with the powerful tools afforded by digital technology where

creativity is limitless...


              The Illustrations

   This is a collection of Illustrations I made over a 12 year period beginning

in the late 80's and culminating with my final piece in 2000. Each were initially

drawn in pencil and then inked in with artist marker. The time to complete could

range anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. They are introspective in nature and

designed so that one might question. I love to use imagery as metaphor.

   Unfortunately, the low res nature of the internet doesn't adequately

allow for one to fully immerse oneself into each piece. The finer details get

lost. The originals were truly meant to be experienced!! Especially the later


   Here they are placed in chronological order. To me, it's fascinating

to see the progression. Click the Illustration link to the left to visit the

gallery. Enjoy!!